Taq-e Bostan

Blue Lake and Green Trees


  • Taq-e Bostan

    Blue Lake and Green Trees


Wherever I am, the sky is mine
Thought, air, love, land is mine

Spring poetry
 Come on and face the fog
 Guess my guy in this
 Thank you for your patience
 Thank you for the buyer of Mahestan
 Enjoy the boom in my home
 Come on and read on to me
 The sun and life are life
 Come and enjoy a boom
 Keep up with us and your horoscope
 Come on and guide you
 Bee and Seal in your hearts
 Come on and out for love, Saghir
 I am the master in my stories
 Because of these ruin, you're germin
 We love the votes of the people
 To those who are, it is groaning
 Give me your love and love
 Come on in my love
 Come on and hope
 Let's sit down at this
 I like the plant sun
 I'm madly looking at you
 I'm sorry, I'm afraid
 Give me a boom from life again
 There is a boom in the moon
 I'm well aware of you
 An easy way to get rid of a bell
 Make me clear of divine love
 Bea up to the sea of ​​love
 Come on in the back of your office
 I say to you in my heart
 Who are you?
 I do not dare to die
 Come to our love for life
 The most beloved voice of the world
 Come hold of my seat
 Lily is looking at me at a glance
 Come on. Come on
 Life is so romantic
 Let's make it
 Show me love and love
 Let's be a human hawk
 Be kind and romantic
 Come on and make it smooth and simple
 It's like a fog in my heart
 Come on to sun forever
 . Come and hide from my voice
 Come on and watch the head of the cup
 Love we love to stay in love
 We also read the song of love
 Let's create a nonsense world
 Come on to our hearts
 Fire and love
 Make love to the office
 Give flowers to joy
 Come on and make mischief
 Familiar Way, I'm with you
 Lily in my well, I'm with you
 Love you so lovely
 I love you in his way
 I'm dead with you
 With you in stranglehold, verily, in the homeland
 Waterfall you love on your head
 The smell of jasmine perfume in every detail
 You lose your Yalda night with you
 Love with you will endear the hearts of people
 With you my new soul, because it smells a breeze
 I am also from my descendants with you
 Love with you will be found on me
 I drop my love in the sea
 I love you with the Kaaba
 I am with you in the Drunken Kaaba
 I'll be with you again
 I'm gonna be the neck
 I'm happy with you
 I am with you all that I have
 With you I am the sea of ​​my love
 I'm out of your love
 Astonished you with grace and mercy
 With you round my fire
 Treat you all my love, me
 With you Yalda to the Love Cup, me
 Heavenly for my sleep
 In the night you love me moonlight
 Wish you see me
 Familiar Shaping Math Zato
 Water flows in the fountain
 On my head and hand it dies
 I wish I was in this land
 With you the first and last flower
 Arifin Yazidi Where He Made
 Adam's defeat there was an enemy
 I'm Bret and Eve
 I am the first and last
 I'm with you in the house
 I'm going to be a kid
 Do you know what fate is?
 You wrote the secret of men
 You are the driving of others
 He's the same way you're drunk
 Thank you so much
 Place the footprint
 I'm ashamed of you
 More than that, maybe my life
 You opened the grass bed
 Koz for Jasmine, you got me
 It's your smell in the air
 Heart for you
 O my good air in my heart
 I want to solve my problem
 You wish to have a good yas!
 I know you love diamonds
 I have written lyrics to you
 I've been drunk by the first
 I fell in love with a fan of the breeze
 You are asylum of whatever you fear
 I'm riding my chest
 I'm terribly horrified
 I have a jar of air from you
 I've got your diamond cut
 You are good for my heart
 Love is a good track
 My soul is closed to love
 He's broken on the heart
 Who are you in the horizons?
 You're a gift from Johnny John
 Clean and straightforward
 In the yard of the air is yours
 I'm watching spring
 You are a tree and a grasshopper
 Kimyah love, you
 Oh, the excuse of the trail of love, you
 You're a song between me
 My pigeon is good, my soul
 Oh, good cheer John
 I'm screwed up on your air
 I'm golden on your table
 I'm sick of you
 I'm weary inside you
 Love you
 I'm tired of having a pain in my head
 I did not have it broken
 Excited for you
 Breaking it from me is not yours
 I got out of your voice
 Who were you?
 You are a fan of Sahari breeze
 You take me back
 You are the secret of the song
 You're a flower for my heart
 You are the godfather of God
 Everyone who gets tired gets tired
 Your air is filled with air
 Take that walk
 My loose feet, between your love
 Zarqi to your home office
 I breathe my friend's air
 Hands, from whatever you thirst
 I love you in love
 I'll give you a kimi
 I'll love you
 I love you song
 Monster pigeon from my love
 Come on to my home office
 I'm flying from you
 I'm drunk with the air of your recurrence
 Jam Tha is like a bowl
 You love this spell
 My soul knew your weather
 Show me good and bad
 Arghavan is without thorn, come
 Sorrow is over, spring is come
 Jam will take you to Surghab
 For your heart, cherry is crushed
 Jam dies out of his cup
 The beast is jamming
 Happy Birthday is yours
 I'm your air, I'm getting drunk
 I've seen you inside sleep
 You've gotten into my head

  Poet Amir Kalhor